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With PCRx Service's per-user support for financial planners, a flat monthly fee covers everything you need to serve your clients, pass audits, and get support with any problems that come up.

Stop worrying about your technology and focus on clients.


Managed IT Services for Financial Planners

Managed Network

Built entirely around enterprise grade equipment, We even include network hardware upgrades as they become available.

Isolated WiFi

While we wire every PC to the internal network for security reasons. We add a separate network space for non-sensitive devices and guests to use.

Software Included

Includes enterprise anti-virus and anti-malware, subscription to Office365, Last Pass enterprise password manager, as well as remote monitoring.

Human Support

Automated monitoring 24/7 and a Monthly checkup by a technician to proactively monitor for problems. Submit tickets with our easy to use software tool and/or call your helpdesk,

Audit Ready

Be perpetually prepared for an Audit. We setup the network and your PC for compliance and constantly monitor your equipment for problems.

Professional Documentation

Includes all the documentation you (or an auditor) could ever want, including configuration details and guest wifi settings.

"I have worked with Ric, the owner of PCRx Services, since 2007. Ric has assisted with installation of my network, maintenance, as well as proactively keeping me updated with trends that will keep my technology compliant and running efficiently. Ric is my first call with anything impacting my computer or network."

David Bradley
Financial Planner

Managed Network

The PCRx Services Infinite Network is the basis for your services. Designed for performance and security, your network will be automatically updated, it's configuration backed up, and alerts for status changes, when any devices added to the network, and connection testing. We can even link multiple locations securely.

Software Included

Everything you need to be safe, productive, and serve your clients is included, automatically updated, and ready for your use everyday.

PCRx Services is proud to offer:

Beyond Audit Ready

Let your new IT department worry about technical compliance audits. We build your system from the ground up with audits in mind, and build it to a higher standard than required, all while focusing on ease of use for the user.

Anti-Theft Measures

Whole Disk Encryption: The law requires it for Laptops. but we enable it on all devices as standard. Thieves steal desktops too, and a report still goes to the Attorney General of the State if that happens. Far better to be able to say "the data is encrypted." instead of "well, it wasn't a laptop." We also add a physical locking system to each machine, so a would-be thief either leaves it as not worth the trouble, or impressively steals the whole desk as well. If a theft were to occur, they might make off with the lobby TV and everyone's monitors, while anything with data would be left behind, tethered to heavy objects.

Pain-Free Password Policy

The law says you have to change you password at least every 90 days and it has to be of at least industry standard complexity, and that the computer must lock within minutes of no-use to prevent unauthorized access.. So most people suffer through changing the password roughly every 90 days, or maybe forget because they never set a password policy for the computers. Either way, most likely it will be changed to whatever the last password was, with enough of a change to be acceptable to the policy. Or maybe they write the new password down and tape it to the monitor. This, even if you are doing it 100% by the book, is a terrible system.

Instead, our clients use a combination of a password management suite and state of the art biometric readers to produce a day-to-day password free experience, even when the password is changed. Because a human doesn't need to memorize the password and repeatedly enter it to get anything done, it can be a far more complex password, and change totally and utterly every time the password expires. This is a vast improvement in usability.

Worry Free Updates

The law says you must keep your systems up-to date. PCRx Services customers have a complete remote management suite keeping their system completely up to date and auditing update status afterwards. Even the annoying ones like java and adobe acrobat. Every month, a technician manually reviews each machine to make sure everything is in working order. 

Isolated WiFi

Get the best of both worlds! Have your business computers connected with Ethernet while offering wireless internet service to clients, guests, and your own personal devices like tablets or phones. The wireless service is completely isolated from the network with sensitive information. It provides simple internet access to connected devices, but doesn't allow them access to any network resources at all. Not other attached devices, not printers. Nothing.

If Wireless connections are absolutely required due to the nature of the building or office space, we can build a very secure internal wireless network if needed, but keeping up good password policy means this is far less convenient​ in the long term.

Human Support

Automated monitoring 24/7 and a Monthly checkup by a technician to proactively monitor for problems. Submit tickets with our easy to use software tool and/or call your new helpdesk,

Professional Design and Documentation

Includes all the documentation you could ever want, including configuration details and wifi settings. We create an IT compliance binder to hand over to auditors with your companies IT policy spelled out entirely.

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